Full Restorations

Restorations are a lengthy process so can get costley , the way in which we work is nice and simple , we ask for a deposite up front then on the 26th of every month we send you a fully detailed invoice for, Parts , Labour and Materials used and then  your deposit will deducted off your last bill.

We take pride in our work here at Hennessy Motorsport and ensure the cars look the best that they can. You are always welcome to pop in and see how the work is going on your car, we will be happy to show you what we have done and we take plenty of pictures of the process from start to finish.

Paint or small work

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If you have a car that does not require a full restoration. but needs some rust damage repairing, a dent or scuff that needs to be sorted, we can assist with this.
We can also do a full respray, or touch up work
We can put our hand to anything

Please give us a call, email or just drop in if you have a car you are thinking about getting some work done on, we happy to chat about what you are thinking about and can give you some friendly advise.

We hope to see you soon


For the modern cars we can take on jobs such as repairing bodywork damage.
This includes dents, scuffs any touch ups that is needed, we can paint new bumpers, wings etc.
So if you have any body work damage we will be happy to fix this for you and make it look like new again.
We will need to see the car to give you the best quote that we can.

So please drop in and we will quote you on the repair work that needs to be carried out,


We also offer race support, we are currently doing race support for the MR2 Championship, we do have spaces to take on a couple more drivers, we have a friendly team who all get on vey well, last season one of our drivers came second in the championship, but all our drivers do really well, and always place well. Please contact us if you are interested in race support.